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Effective T3 (version 0.0.8)

What it does

This calls the command line Effective T3 v1.0.1 tool for prediction of bacterial effector proteins.

The input is a FASTA file of protein sequences, and the output is tabular with four columns (one row per protein):

  • Sequence identifier
  • Sequence description (from the FASTA file)
  • Score (between 0 and 1, or negative for an error such as a very short peptide)
  • Predicted effector (true/false)


Jehl, Arnold and Rattei. Effective - a database of predicted secreted bacterial proteins Nucleic Acids Research, 39(Database issue), D591-5, 2011.

Arnold, Brandmaier, Kleine, Tischler, Heinz, Behrens, Niinikoski, Mewes, Horn and Rattei. Sequence-based prediction of type III secreted proteins. PLoS Pathog. 5(4):e1000376, 2009.