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ClustalW (version 0.1)


This tool allows you to run a multiple sequence alignment with ClustalW2 (see Clustsrc) using the default options.

For a tutorial introduction, see ClustalW2

You can align DNA or protein sequences in the input file which should be multiple sequences to be aligned in a fasta file

A log will be output to your history showing the output Clustal would normally write to standard output.

The alignments will appear as a clustal format file or optionally, as phylip or fasta format files in your history. If you choose fasta as the output format, you can create a 'Logo' image using the Sequence Logo tool.

If Clustal format is chosen, you have the option of adding basepair counts to the output

A subsequence of the alignment can be output by setting the Output complete parameter to "Partial" and defining the offset and end of the subsequence to be output


Clustal attribution and associated documentation are available at Clustsrc

The first iteration of this Galaxy wrapper was written by Hans-Rudolf Hotz - see Clustfirst

It was modified by Ross Lazarus for the rgenetics project

This wrapper is now LGPL