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runAssembly (version 1.0.1)
Unpaired Reads Sff Files
Unpaired Reads Sff Files 0
Unpaired Reads Fasta/Fastq Files
Unpaired Reads Fasta/Fastq Files 0
Paired Reads Sff Files
Paired Reads Sff Files 0
Paired Reads Fasta/Fastq Files
Paired Reads Fasta/Fastq Files 0
Select this option to output scaffoldContigs to Fasta and Qual files. When selected, the contents of 454Scaffolds.txt will represent scaffoldContigs and gaps rather than the contigs found in the allContigs file. An additional file, 454ContigScaffolds.txt, will be produced that is identical to the 454Scaffolds.txt file produced without this option. The scaffoldContig names found in the 454Scaffolds.txt file represent the scaffoldContigs found in the 454ScaffoldContigs Fasta and Qual files.

What it does

Assemble (Roche/454) reads using Newbler.

Download the manual here:

Fasta Header Format Fasta input must provide any pairing information in the header using the expected key=value format. Use the 'Sanger tab to Newbler Fasta' tool.