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<tool id="DatamashReverse" name="Reverse" version="1.0.6">
  <description>columns in a tabular file</description>

    <requirement type="package" version="1.0.6">datamash</requirement>

    datamash -W reverse &lt; $in_file &gt; $out_file
    <param format="tabular" name="in_file" type="data" label="Select Input Data" help=""/>
    <data format="tabular" name="out_file" />
          <param name="in_file" value="datamash_reverse_input.txt" />
          <output name="out_file" file="datamash_reverse_output.txt" />

.. class:: infomark

**TIP:** Input data must be TAB delimited. If the desired dataset does not appear in the input list, use *Text Manipulation-&gt;Convert* to convert it to **Tabular** type.



This tools reverses the order of columns in a tabular input file.



Input file::

    Genes  Sample  Counts
    NOX1   A1      514
    DcP    A2      542
    HH     B3      490

Output file::

    Counts  Sample  Genes
    514     A1      NOX1
    542     A2      DcP
    490     B3      HH


**GNU Datamash** is a Free and Open Source Software, see more details on the Datamash_ Website.

**GNU Datamash** is also available as a command-line program, see .

For more details about supported statistical operations, see Datamash_ website.

.. _Datamash: