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Parameters used to extract methylation information:
Bismark Extractor Version: v0.22.1
Bismark result file: single-end (SAM format)
Output specified: comprehensive

Processed 554 lines in total
Total number of methylation call strings processed: 554

Final Cytosine Methylation Report
Total number of C's analysed:	8563

Total methylated C's in CpG context:	245
Total methylated C's in CHG context:	51
Total methylated C's in CHH context:	114

Total C to T conversions in CpG context:	133
Total C to T conversions in CHG context:	1762
Total C to T conversions in CHH context:	6258

C methylated in CpG context:	64.8%
C methylated in CHG context:	2.8%
C methylated in CHH context:	1.8%