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<tool id="cshl_fastx_clipper" name="Clip" version="1.0.1" >
  <description>adapter sequences</description>
      <requirement type="package" version="0.0.13">fastx_toolkit</requirement>
    zcat -f $input | fastx_clipper -l $minlength -a $clip_source.clip_sequence -d $keepdelta -o $output -v $KEEP_N $DISCARD_OPTIONS
#if $input.ext == "fastqsanger":
 -Q 33
#end if
    <param format="fasta,fastqsanger,fastqsolexa,fastqillumina" name="input" type="data" label="Library to clip" />
    <param name="minlength" size="4" type="integer" value="15">
      <label>Minimum sequence length (after clipping, sequences shorter than this length will be discarded)</label>

	<conditional name="clip_source">
		<param name="clip_source_list" type="select" label="Source">
			<option value="prebuilt" selected="true">Standard (select from the list below)</option>
			<option value="user">Enter custom sequence</option>

		<when value="user">
			<param name="clip_sequence" size="30" label="Enter custom clipping sequence" type="text" value="AATTGGCC" />

		<when value="prebuilt">
			<param name="clip_sequence" type="select" label="Choose Adapter">
				<options from_file="fastx_clipper_sequences.txt">
					<column name="name" index="1"/>
					<column name="value" index="0"/>

	<param name="keepdelta" size="2" type="integer" value="0">
		<label>enter non-zero value to keep the adapter sequence and x bases that follow it</label>
		<help>use this for hairpin barcoding. keep at 0 unless you know what you're doing.</help>

	<param name="KEEP_N" type="select" label="Discard sequences with unknown (N) bases">
		<option value="">Yes</option>
		<option value="-n">No</option>

	<param name="DISCARD_OPTIONS" type="select" label="Output options">
		<option value="-c">Output only clipped sequences (i.e. sequences which contained the adapter)</option>
		<option value="-C">Output only non-clipped sequences (i.e. sequences which did not contained the adapter)</option>
		<option value="">Output both clipped and non-clipped sequences</option>

	#functional test with param value starting with - fails.	
			<param name="input" value="fastx_clipper1.fastq" ftype="fastqsolexa"/>
			<param name="maxmismatches" value="2" />
			<param name="minlength" value="15" />
			<param name="clip_source_list" value="user" />
			<param name="clip_sequence" value="CAATTGGTTAATCCCCCTATATA" />
			<param name="keepdelta" value="0" />
			<param name="KEEP_N" value="+-n" />
			<param name="DISCARD_OPTIONS" value="+-c" />
			<output name="output" file="fastx_clipper1a.out" />
    <data format="input" name="output" metadata_source="input" />
**What it does**

This tool clips adapters from the 3'-end of the sequences in a FASTA/FASTQ file.


**Clipping Illustration:**

.. image:: fastx_clipper_illustration.png 

**Clipping Example:**

.. image:: fastx_clipper_example.png 

**In the above example:**

* Sequence no. 1 was discarded since it wasn't clipped (i.e. didn't contain the adapter sequence). (**Output** parameter).
* Sequence no. 5 was discarded --- it's length (after clipping) was shorter than 15 nt (**Minimum Sequence Length** parameter).


This tool is based on `FASTX-toolkit`__ by Assaf Gordon.

 .. __: