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author dfornika
date Thu, 24 Oct 2019 17:44:45 -0400
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# This script produces a small kraken2 database containing only a ~1kb portion each of a salmonella and ecoli genome
# It requires kraken2, and entrez-direct (available on bioconda)
kraken2-build --db test_db --download_taxonomy
mv test_db/taxonomy/nucl_gb.accession2taxid test_db/taxonomy/nucl_gb.accession2taxid_full
grep -e 'NC_003198.1' -e 'NC_011750.1' test_db/taxonomy/nucl_gb.accession2taxid_full > test_db/taxonomy/nucl_gb.accession2taxid
mv test_db/taxonomy/nodes.dmp test_db/taxonomy/nodes.dmp_full
grep -f node_patterns.txt test_db/taxonomy/nodes.dmp_full > test_db/taxonomy/nodes.dmp
mv test_db/taxonomy/names.dmp test_db/taxonomy/names.dmp_full
grep -e '^220341\s' -e '^585057\s' test_db/taxonomy/names.dmp_full > test_db/taxonomy/names.dmp
esearch -db nucleotide -query "NC_003198.1" | efetch -format fasta > NC_003198.1.fasta
esearch -db nucleotide -query "NC_011750.1" | efetch -format fasta > NC_011750.1.fasta
head -n 14 NC_003198.1.fasta > NC_003198.1_1kb.fasta
head -n 14 NC_011750.1.fasta > NC_011750.1_1kb.fasta
kraken2-build --db test_db --add-to-library NC_003198.1_1kb.fasta
kraken2-build --db test_db --add-to-library NC_011750.1_1kb.fasta
kraken2-build --db test_db --build