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+# w4mcorcov_galaxy_wrapper
+Planemo-based galaxy-tool-wrapper to wrap a SIMCA® OPLS-DA® S-PLOT® "work-alike" tool.
+This tool plots the correlation of each feature with the OPLS-DA projection of multivariate data for two classes of data against the covariance of the same.
+The original plot which this tool emulates is described in:
+> Wiklund, Susanne and Johansson, Erik and Sjöström, Lina and Mellerowicz, Ewa J. and Edlund, Ulf and Shockcor, John P. and Gottfries, Johan and Moritz, Thomas and Trygg, Johan (2008). Visualization of GC/TOF-MS-Based Metabolomics Data for Identification of Biochemically Interesting Compounds Using OPLS Class Models. In Analytical Chemistry, 80 (1), pp. 115–122. doi:10.1021/ac0713510