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author fubar
date Sat, 14 Nov 2020 21:48:10 +0000
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# using the galaxy venv this seems to work
. /galaxy_venv/bin/activate
python scripts/tool_shed/ -c config/tool_shed.yml --config-section tool_shed
# eeesh. /etc/galaxy is where the actual galaxy.yml lives - despite other configs being where they might be expected
# fix tool_shed.yml to and admin email
# add tgz to datatypes :(
# need to source a venv in /export/tool_deps/toolfactorydeps/0.01/fubar/toolfactorydeps/9e9428fe9134/
# as nothing was done by the setup_virtualenv step apparently.
# gcc and friends for planemo pip installation
# File "/galaxy-central/lib/galaxy/tool_util/verify/", line 595, in <listcomp>
#   test_user = [user for user in all_users if user["email"] == email][0]
# add local to tool_sheds_conf.xml
# <tool_sheds>
#    <tool_shed name="local" url="http://localhost:9009"/>
# mercurial > 5.5!!