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    <token name="@VERSION@">1.0.2</token>
    <xml name="cleavages">
        <option value="arg-c">Arg-c</option>
        <option value="asp-n">Asp-n</option>
        <option value="thrombin">Thrombin</option></xml>
    <xml name="help-text">

                FASTG2Protlib creates a validated protein FASTA library starting from FASTG output. The tool
                operates in two steps.

                **Generate Peptides from FASTG**
                Use the tool to generate peptides cleaved from putative proteins generated from a FASTG file.

                **Generate Verified Protein Library**
                Use the tool to generate a verified protein library with MSGF+ verified peptides as input
    <xml name="pkg_requirement">
            <requirement type="package" version="@VERSION@">fastg2protlib</requirement>