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<tool id="uniprotxml_downloader" name="UniProtXML Download" version="1.0.0">
        <requirement type="binary">wget</requirement>
        <exit_code range="1:"  level="fatal" description="Error downloading proteome." />
    <command interpreter="python">
<![CDATA[ -v 
#if $taxid.choice == 'common':
--taxon $taxid.organism
#if $taxid.reviewed:
#end if
#for id in $taxid.taxons.split(','):
-t $id
#end for
#end if
        <conditional name="taxid">
            <param name="choice" type="select" label="Select">
                <option value="common">A Common Organism</option>
                <option value="taxids">By Organism IDs</option>
            <when value="common">
                <param name="organism" type="select" label="Common Organisms"
                       help="select species for protein database">
                    <options from_file="uniprot_taxons.loc">
                        <column name="name" index="0" />
                        <column name="value" index="1" />
                <param name="reviewed" type="select" label="filter by reviewed status" optional="true">
                    UniProtKB/TrEMBL (unreviewed)is a large, automatically annotated database that may contain 
                    redundant sequences, but there is a higher chance peptides will be identified. 
                    UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (reviewed) is a smaller, manually annotated database with 
                    less of a chance peptides will be identified but less sequence redundancy
                    <option value="yes">UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot (reviewed only)</option>
                    <option value="no">UniProtKB/TrEMBL (unreviewed only)</option>
            <when value="taxids">
                <param name="taxons" type="text" label="NCBI taxon IDs" 
                       help="Enter one or more Organsim IDs (separated by commas) from">
                    <validator type="regex" message="OrganismID[,OrganismID]">^\d+(,\d+)*$</validator>
        <data format="uniprotxml" name="proteome" label="UniProtXML" />
            <param name="taxons" value="1566990"/>
            <output name="uniprotxml">
                    <has_text text="&lt;/uniprot&gt;" />
**UniProtXML Downloader**

Downloads a UniProtXML file from UniProtKB

The Morpheus proteomics search algorithm can use this format as a search database.

Available proteomes:

UniProtKB help:

      <citation type="doi">10.1093/nar/gku989</citation>