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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<tool id="feature_load_featureprops" name="Chado load feature properties" version="@WRAPPER_VERSION@.0">
	<expand macro="requirements"/>
    <code file=""/>
	<command detect_errors="aggressive"><![CDATA[

chakin feature load_featureprops

#if $feature_type:
  --feature_type '$feature_type'
#end if


| jq -S . > $results
        <!-- arguments -->
    	<param name="tab_file" label="Tab File" argument="tab_file" type="data" format="tabular" help="Path to the tabular file to load" />
    	<param argument="--analysis_id"
    		label="Analysis" />
        <param argument="--organism"
               label="Organism" />
    	<param name="prop_type" label="Property type" argument="prop_type" type="text" help="Type of the feature property (cvterm will be created if it doesn't exist)" />

        <!-- options -->
    	<param name="feature_type" label="Feature type" argument="feature_type" type="text" help="Type of the target features in sequence ontology (will speed up loading if specified)" optional="true" />
    	<param name="match_on_name" label="Match on name" argument="match_on_name" type="boolean" truevalue="--match_on_name" falsevalue="" help="Match features using their name instead of their uniquename" />

        <expand macro="wait_for"/>

		<data format="json" name="results"/>
Load feature properties from a tabular file (Column1: feature name or uniquename, Column2: property value)