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import sys

from ij import IJ

# Fiji Jython interpreter implements Python 2.5 which does not
# provide support for argparse.
error_log = sys.argv[-5]
input_file = sys.argv[-4]
black_background = sys.argv[-3] == 'yes'
tmp_output_path = sys.argv[-2]
output_datatype = sys.argv[-1]

# Open the input image file.
input_image_plus = IJ.openImage(input_file)

# Create a copy of the image.
input_image_plus_copy = input_image_plus.duplicate()
image_processor_copy = input_image_plus_copy.getProcessor()

# Set binary options.
options = ['edm=Overwrite', 'iterations=1', 'count=1']
if (black_background):
options = " ".join(options), "Options...", options)

# Convert image to binary if necessary.
if not image_processor_copy.isBinary():
    # Convert the image to binary grayscale., "Make Binary", "")

# Run the command., "Skeletonize (2D/3D)", "")

# Save the ImagePlus object as a new image.
IJ.saveAs(input_image_plus_copy, output_datatype, tmp_output_path)