Help: merge

hg merge [-P] [[-r] REV]

merge another revision into working directory

The current working directory is updated with all changes made in the requested revision since the last common predecessor revision.

Files that changed between either parent are marked as changed for the next commit and a commit must be performed before any further updates to the repository are allowed. The next commit will have two parents.

"--tool" can be used to specify the merge tool used for file merges. It overrides the HGMERGE environment variable and your configuration files. See 'hg help merge-tools' for options.

If no revision is specified, the working directory's parent is a head revision, and the current branch contains exactly one other head, the other head is merged with by default. Otherwise, an explicit revision with which to merge must be provided.

See 'hg help resolve' for information on handling file conflicts.

To undo an uncommitted merge, use 'hg merge --abort' which will check out a clean copy of the original merge parent, losing all changes.

Returns 0 on success, 1 if there are unresolved files.


-f --force force a merge including outstanding changes (DEPRECATED)
-r --rev REV revision to merge
-P --preview review revisions to merge (no merge is performed)
--abort abort the ongoing merge
-t --tool TOOL specify merge tool

global options ([+] can be repeated):

-R --repository REPO repository root directory or name of overlay bundle file
--cwd DIR change working directory
-y --noninteractive do not prompt, automatically pick the first choice for all prompts
-q --quiet suppress output
-v --verbose enable additional output
--color TYPE when to colorize (boolean, always, auto, never, or debug)
--config CONFIG [+] set/override config option (use '')
--debug enable debugging output
--debugger start debugger
--encoding ENCODE set the charset encoding (default: UTF-8)
--encodingmode MODE set the charset encoding mode (default: strict)
--traceback always print a traceback on exception
--time time how long the command takes
--profile print command execution profile
--version output version information and exit
-h --help display help and exit
--hidden consider hidden changesets
--pager TYPE when to paginate (boolean, always, auto, or never) (default: auto)