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<tool id="collection_element_identifiers" name="Extract element identifiers" version="0.0.1">
    <description>of a list collection</description>
    <command detect_errors="exit_code"><![CDATA[
mv '$cf' '$output'
        <configfile name="cf">#for $el in $input_collection:
#end for</configfile>
        <param name="input_collection" type="data_collection" collection_type="list" label="Dataset collection"/>
        <data name="output" format="txt" />
            <param name="input_collection">
                <collection type="list">
                    <element name="e1" value="simple_line.txt" />
                    <element name="e2" value="simple_line.txt" />
                    <element name="e3" value="simple_line.txt" />
            <output name="output" file="output.txt" />
This tool takes a list-type collection and produces a text dataset as output, containing the element identifiers of all datasets contained in the collection.