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    <token name="@WRAPPER_VERSION@">2.0</token>
    <xml name="requirements">
            <requirement type="package" version="@WRAPPER_VERSION@">khmer</requirement>
    <xml name="version">
        <version_command><![CDATA[@BINARY@ --version 2>&1 | tail -n 1 | cut -d ' ' -f 2]]></version_command>
    <xml name="stdio">
            <exit_code range="1:" level="fatal" />
    <token name="@TABLEPARAMS@">
#if $parameters.type == "simple"
#end if
    <token name="@THREADS@">--threads \${GALAXY_SLOTS:-4}</token>
    <xml name="tableinputs">
        <conditional name="parameters">
            <param name="type" type="select" label="Advanced Parameters"
                help="ksize, n_tables, a specific tablesize" >
                <option value="simple" selected="true">Hide</option>
                <option value="specific">Show</option>
            <when value="simple">
                <param name="tablesize" type="select" label="Sample Type" display="radio">
                    <option value="1e9" selected="true">Microbial Genome</option>
                    <option value="2e9">Animal Transcriptome</option>
                    <option value="4e9">Small Animal Genome or Low-Diversity Metagenome</option>
                    <option value="16e9">Large Animal Genome</option>
            <when value="specific">
                <param name="ksize" type="integer" value="20" label="k-mer size" help="k-mer size to use" />
                <param name="n_tables" type="integer" min="1" value="4" label="n_tables" help="number of tables to use" />
                <param name="tablesize_specific" type="text" value="1000000.0" 
                    label="tablesize" help="(--max-tablesize) upper bound on the tablesize to use" />
    <xml name="input_sequences_filenames">
        <param  name="inputs" multiple="true" type="data" format="fasta,fastq"
            label="Sequences in FASTA or FASTQ format"
            help="Put in order of precedence such as longest reads first." />
    <xml name="input_sequence_filename">
        <param  name="input_sequence_filename" type="data" format="fasta,fastq"
            label="Sequence in FASTA or FASTQ format" />
    <xml name="input_countgraph_filename">
        <param  name="input_countgraph_filename" type="data" format="oxlicg"
            label="the k-mer countgraph to query"
            help="The abundances of the k-mers in the input nucleotide sequence file will be calculated using the kmer counts in this k-mer countgraph." />
    <xml name="abundance-histogram-output">
        <data name="output_histogram_filename" format="txt"
            label="${} k-mer abundance histogram. The
                columns are: (1) k-mer abundance, (2) k-mer count, (3)
                cumulative count, (4) fraction of total distinct k-mers." />
    <xml name="output_sequences">
        <data name="output" format_source="inputs"
            label="${} processed nucleotide sequence file">
            <discover_datasets pattern="__designation_and_ext__" directory="output" visible="true"/>
    <xml name="output_sequences_single">
        <data name="output" format_source="input_sequence_filename"
            label="${} processed nucleotide sequence file" />
    <xml name="input_zero">
        <param name="zero" type="boolean" truevalue="" falsevalue="--no-zero" checked="true"
            help="Output zero count bins (--no-zero)" />
    <xml name="input_bigcount">
        <param  name="bigcount" type="boolean" truevalue="" falsevalue="--no-bigcount"
            checked="true" help="Count k-mers past 255 occurences (--no-bigcount)" />
    <token name="@HELP_FOOTER@"><![CDATA[
(from the khmer project: )]]></token>
    <xml name="software-citation">
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    <xml name="diginorm-citation">
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    <xml name="counting-citation">
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