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date Wed, 09 Dec 2015 07:19:52 -0500
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--- a/trinity.xml	Fri Nov 20 06:50:00 2015 -0500
+++ b/trinity.xml	Wed Dec 09 07:19:52 2015 -0500
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-<tool id="trinity" name="Trinity" version="2.0.6">
+<tool id="trinity" name="Trinity" version="">
     <description>de novo assembly of RNA-Seq data</description>
         <requirement type="package" version="2.0.6">trinity</requirement>
         <requirement type="package" version="1.1.2">bowtie</requirement>
-        <requirement type="package" version="0.1.19">samtools</requirement>
-        <requirement type="set_environment">TRINITY_MAX_MEMORY</requirement>
+        <requirement type="package" version="1.2">samtools</requirement>
+        <requirement type="set_environment">TRINITY_MEM_OPTIONS</requirement>
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
         #if $additional_params.long_reads:
             --long_reads $additional_params.long_reads
         #end if
-        #if $additional_params.guided.is_guided == "yes" and $additional_params.guided.genome_guided_bam:
+        #if $additional_params.guided.is_guided == "yes":
             --genome_guided_bam $additional_params.guided.genome_guided_bam
             #if $additional_params.guided.genome_guided_min_coverage:
@@ -112,14 +112,14 @@
             <param name="min_contig_length" type="integer" optional="true" value="200" min="1" label="Minimum Contig Length" help="All contigs shorter than this will be discarded"/>
             <conditional name="guided">
-                <param name="is_guided" type="select" label="Use the genome guided mode?" help="">
+                <param name="is_guided" type="select" label="Use the genome guided mode?" help="If you already mapped the reads to the genome, Trinity can use this information">
                     <option value="no">No</option>
                     <option value="yes">Yes</option>
                 <when value="no">
                 <when value="yes">
-                    <param format="bam" name="genome_guided_bam" type="data" optional="true" label="Genome guided BAM file" help="If you already mapped the reads to the genome, trinity can use this information"/>
+                    <param format="bam" name="genome_guided_bam" type="data" label="Coordinate-sorted BAM file" />
                     <param name="genome_guided_min_coverage" type="integer" optional="true" value="1" min="1" label="Minimum read coverage for identifying an expressed region of the genome"/>
                     <param name="genome_guided_min_reads_per_partition" type="integer" optional="true" value="10" min="1" label="Minimum number of reads per partition"/>