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# PDAUG - a Galaxy based toolset for peptide library analysis, visualization, and machine learning modeling.

### Overview 

Peptide Design and Analysis Under Galaxy (PDAUG) package, a Galaxy based python powered collection of tools, workflows, and datasets for a rapid in-silico peptide library analysis. PDAUG offers tools for peptide library generation, data visualization, in-built and public database based peptide sequence retrieval, peptide feature calculation, and machine learning modeling. PDAUG tool suite can be downloaded and install through galaxy toolshed as a standard galaxy tool. 

# Prebuild Docker Image 

A prebuild build docker image based on the recent galaxy release can be obtained by the link below for a quick installation. 

 - [Docker Image](

# Contributors
 - Jayadev Joshi
 - Daniel Blankenberg

# History

 - 0.1.0: First release!

# Support & Bug Reports

You can file an [github issue](