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date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 08:54:17 -0400
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<!--This is a configuration file for the integration of a CADDSuite tool into Galaxy ( This file was automatically generated using GalaxyConfigGenerator, so do not bother to make too many manual modifications.-->
<tool id="ligand3dgenerator" name="Ligand3DGenerator" version="0.9.6">
    <description>generate 3D coordinates for small molecules</description>
    <command interpreter="bash"><![CDATA[../../Ligand3DGenerator 
#if str( $i ) != ''  and str( $i ) != 'None' :
   -i "$i"
#end if
#if str( $o ) != ''  and str( $o ) != 'None' :
   -o "$o"
#end if
#if str( $ph ) != ''  and str( $ph ) != 'None' :
   -ph "$ph"
#end if
#if str( $rm ) != ''  and str( $rm ) != 'None' :
#end if
 | tail -n 5
        <param name="i" optional="false" label="input file" type="data" format="mol2/sdf/drf"/>
        <param name="ph" optional="true" label="Optional: pH-value for pH-dep. protonation" type="text" area="true" size="1x5" value="7.0"/>
        <param name="rm" optional="true" label="remove input file when finished" type="boolean" truevalue="true" falsevalue=""/>
        <data name="o" format="mol2/sdf/drf" format_source="i"/>
    <help>This tool generates 3D conformations for small molecules and adds hydrogens to them.
As input we only a chemical file containing valid topologies. Any 2D or 3D conformations in the input file are ignored, but the existence of the correct bond-orders is necessary.

Note however, that the main purpose of this tool is to generate feasible start-conformations for docking or other optimization procedures. Therefore, the generated 3D coordinates for each fragment should be all right, but in extreme cases (i.e. very large and/or complex molecules) different fragments might still overlap with each other.

Supported formats are mol2, sdf, drf, pdb, ac, ent, brk, hin, mol, xyz, mol2.gz, sdf.gz, drf.gz, pdb.gz, ac.gz, ent.gz, brk.gz, hin.gz, mol.gz, xyz.gz.</help>