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Reimplemented in Python, using RDFLib
author mikel-egana-aranguren <>
date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 15:42:31 +0200
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Execute SPARQL queries against RDF datasets in Galaxy. 


1. Stop Galaxy.

2. Download or clone with mercurial (`hg clone`).

3. Copy everything under galaxy-dist/ to your server's galaxy-dist/ (i.e. recreate the tools/ and directory in your server).

4. Add the following lines to your server's /galaxy-dist/tool_conf.xml:

  <section name="SPARQL-Galaxy" id="SPARQLGalaxy">
    <tool file="sparql_galaxy/SPARQLGalaxy.xml"/>
5. Start Galaxy.


Please send any request or comment to


This work is funded by the Marie Curie Cofund program of the EU, FP7, 
and the Genomic Resources group of the UPV-EHU.