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sample	scheme	scheme_version	subtype	all_subtypes	tiles_matching_subtype	are_subtypes_consistent	inconsistent_subtypes	n_tiles_matching_all	n_tiles_matching_all_expected	n_tiles_matching_positive	n_tiles_matching_positive_expected	n_tiles_matching_subtype	n_tiles_matching_subtype_expected	file_path	avg_tile_coverage	qc_status	qc_message
2019C-111	heidelberg	0.5.0	2; 2.2; 2.2.3;;	True		202	202	14	14	3	3	['2019C-111_1.fastq', '2019C-111_2.fastq']	30.070	PASS	This is a trial to the cut ,off, system as this data all passed the checks. | I will attemp to get 150 characters into here in a way that is not awful and sounds decent. We can try counting the letters and as of now, it should be ok!