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This is a wrapper for a set of eQTL analysis tools.

Though, currently only PANAMA is supported. 
PANAMA takes in input as :

$panama expression_data.csv snp_data.csv

Where expression_data.csv is a Comma Separated Values file containing the gene expression data 
in the following format:

         sample1, sample2, ..., sampleN
  gene1  value ,  value , ...,  value
  gene2  value ,  value , ...,  value

and snp_data.csv contains the SNP data encoded as [0,1,2] in the following format:

        sample1, sample2, ..., sampleN
  SNP1  value ,  value , ...,  value
  SNP2  value ,  value , ...,  value

Make sure panama is installed and available on your path for all nodes.
Move the test-data files to your galaxy root test-data folder and
create a directory galaxy-central/tools/eqtl_tools and put
the and panama.xml files inside eqtl_tools directory.