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Utility for locating the module (or package's
associated with a given console_script name
and verifying it contains the PYTHON_ARGCOMPLETE_OK marker.

Such scripts are automatically generated and cannot contain
the marker themselves, so we defer to the containing module or package.

For more information on setuptools console_scripts, see

Intended to be invoked by argcomplete's global completion function.
import os
import sys

    from importlib.metadata import entry_points as importlib_entry_points
except ImportError:
    from importlib_metadata import entry_points as importlib_entry_points

from ._check_module import ArgcompleteMarkerNotFound, find

def main():
    # Argument is the full path to the console script.
    script_path = sys.argv[1]

    # Find the module and function names that correspond to this
    # assuming it is actually a console script.
    name = os.path.basename(script_path)
    entry_points = [ep for ep in importlib_entry_points()["console_scripts"] if == name]
    if not entry_points:
        raise ArgcompleteMarkerNotFound('no entry point found matching script')
    entry_point = entry_points[0]
    module_name, function_name = entry_point.value.split(":", 1)

    # Check this looks like the script we really expected.
    with open(script_path) as f:
        script =
    if 'from {} import {}'.format(module_name, function_name) not in script:
        raise ArgcompleteMarkerNotFound('does not appear to be a console script')
    if 'sys.exit({}())'.format(function_name) not in script:
        raise ArgcompleteMarkerNotFound('does not appear to be a console script')

    # Look for the argcomplete marker in the script it imports.
    with open(find(module_name, return_package=True)) as f:
        head =
    if 'PYTHON_ARGCOMPLETE_OK' not in head:
        raise ArgcompleteMarkerNotFound('marker not found')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    except ArgcompleteMarkerNotFound as e: