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# Common workflow language conformance test suite

The conformance tests are intended to test feature coverage of a CWL
implementation.  It uses the module "cwltool.cwltest" from the cwltool
reference implementation.

## Usage

$ ./
--- Running conformance test draft-3 on cwl-runner ---
Test [49/49]
All tests passed

## Options


The CWL implementation to be tested.


Run a single specific test number N.

For example, to run conformance test 15 against the "cwltool"
reference implementation:

$ ./ RUNNER=cwltool -n15
Test [15/49]
All tests passed

## Notes

_NOTE_: For running on OSX systems, you'll need to install coreutils via brew. This will add to your
system some needed GNU-like tools like `greadlink`.

1. If you haven't already, install [brew]( package manager in your mac
2. Run `brew install coreutils`