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# $Id: 8370 2019-08-27 12:10:39Z milde $
# Author: David Goodger <>
# Copyright: This module has been placed in the public domain.

Directives for figures and simple images.

__docformat__ = 'reStructuredText'

import sys

from docutils import nodes, utils
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive
from docutils.parsers.rst import directives, states
from docutils.nodes import fully_normalize_name, whitespace_normalize_name
from docutils.parsers.rst.roles import set_classes

try: # check for the Python Imaging Library
    import PIL.Image
except ImportError:
    try:  # sometimes PIL modules are put in PYTHONPATH's root
        import Image
        class PIL(object): pass  # dummy wrapper
        PIL.Image = Image
    except ImportError:
        PIL = None

if sys.version_info >= (3, 0):
    from urllib.request import url2pathname
    from urllib import url2pathname

class Image(Directive):

    align_h_values = ('left', 'center', 'right')
    align_v_values = ('top', 'middle', 'bottom')
    align_values = align_v_values + align_h_values

    def align(argument):
        # This is not callable as self.align.  We cannot make it a
        # staticmethod because we're saving an unbound method in
        # option_spec below.
        return directives.choice(argument, Image.align_values)

    required_arguments = 1
    optional_arguments = 0
    final_argument_whitespace = True
    option_spec = {'alt': directives.unchanged,
                   'height': directives.length_or_unitless,
                   'width': directives.length_or_percentage_or_unitless,
                   'scale': directives.percentage,
                   'align': align,
                   'name': directives.unchanged,
                   'target': directives.unchanged_required,
                   'class': directives.class_option}

    def run(self):
        if 'align' in self.options:
            if isinstance(self.state, states.SubstitutionDef):
                # Check for align_v_values.
                if self.options['align'] not in self.align_v_values:
                    raise self.error(
                        'Error in "%s" directive: "%s" is not a valid value '
                        'for the "align" option within a substitution '
                        'definition.  Valid values for "align" are: "%s".'
                        % (, self.options['align'],
                           '", "'.join(self.align_v_values)))
            elif self.options['align'] not in self.align_h_values:
                raise self.error(
                    'Error in "%s" directive: "%s" is not a valid value for '
                    'the "align" option.  Valid values for "align" are: "%s".'
                    % (, self.options['align'],
                       '", "'.join(self.align_h_values)))
        messages = []
        reference = directives.uri(self.arguments[0])
        self.options['uri'] = reference
        reference_node = None
        if 'target' in self.options:
            block = states.escape2null(
            block = [line for line in block]
            target_type, data = self.state.parse_target(
                block, self.block_text, self.lineno)
            if target_type == 'refuri':
                reference_node = nodes.reference(refuri=data)
            elif target_type == 'refname':
                reference_node = nodes.reference(
                reference_node.indirect_reference_name = data
            else:                           # malformed target
                messages.append(data)       # data is a system message
            del self.options['target']
        image_node = nodes.image(self.block_text, **self.options)
        if reference_node:
            reference_node += image_node
            return messages + [reference_node]
            return messages + [image_node]

class Figure(Image):

    def align(argument):
        return directives.choice(argument, Figure.align_h_values)

    def figwidth_value(argument):
        if argument.lower() == 'image':
            return 'image'
            return directives.length_or_percentage_or_unitless(argument, 'px')

    option_spec = Image.option_spec.copy()
    option_spec['figwidth'] = figwidth_value
    option_spec['figclass'] = directives.class_option
    option_spec['align'] = align
    has_content = True

    def run(self):
        figwidth = self.options.pop('figwidth', None)
        figclasses = self.options.pop('figclass', None)
        align = self.options.pop('align', None)
        (image_node,) =
        if isinstance(image_node, nodes.system_message):
            return [image_node]
        figure_node = nodes.figure('', image_node)
        if figwidth == 'image':
            if PIL and self.state.document.settings.file_insertion_enabled:
                imagepath = url2pathname(image_node['uri'])
                    img =
                except (IOError, UnicodeEncodeError):
                    pass # TODO: warn?
                        imagepath.replace('\\', '/'))
                    figure_node['width'] = '%dpx' % img.size[0]
                    del img
        elif figwidth is not None:
            figure_node['width'] = figwidth
        if figclasses:
            figure_node['classes'] += figclasses
        if align:
            figure_node['align'] = align
        if self.content:
            node = nodes.Element()          # anonymous container for parsing
            self.state.nested_parse(self.content, self.content_offset, node)
            first_node = node[0]
            if isinstance(first_node, nodes.paragraph):
                caption = nodes.caption(first_node.rawsource, '',
                caption.source = first_node.source
                caption.line = first_node.line
                figure_node += caption
            elif not (isinstance(first_node, nodes.comment)
                      and len(first_node) == 0):
                error = self.state_machine.reporter.error(
                      'Figure caption must be a paragraph or empty comment.',
                      nodes.literal_block(self.block_text, self.block_text),
                return [figure_node, error]
            if len(node) > 1:
                figure_node += nodes.legend('', *node[1:])
        return [figure_node]