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# $Id: 7320 2012-01-19 22:33:02Z milde $
# Author: David Goodger <>
# Copyright: This module has been placed in the public domain.

Python Enhancement Proposal (PEP) Reader.

__docformat__ = 'reStructuredText'

from docutils.readers import standalone
from docutils.transforms import peps, references, misc, frontmatter
from docutils.parsers import rst

class Reader(standalone.Reader):

    supported = ('pep',)
    """Contexts this reader supports."""

    settings_spec = (
        'PEP Reader Option Defaults',
        'The --pep-references and --rfc-references options (for the '
        'reStructuredText parser) are on by default.',

    config_section = 'pep reader'
    config_section_dependencies = ('readers', 'standalone reader')

    def get_transforms(self):
        transforms = standalone.Reader.get_transforms(self)
        # We have PEP-specific frontmatter handling.
        transforms.extend([peps.Headers, peps.Contents, peps.TargetNotes])
        return transforms

    settings_default_overrides = {'pep_references': 1, 'rfc_references': 1}

    inliner_class = rst.states.Inliner

    def __init__(self, parser=None, parser_name=None):
        """`parser` should be ``None``."""
        if parser is None:
            parser = rst.Parser(rfc2822=True, inliner=self.inliner_class())
        standalone.Reader.__init__(self, parser, '')