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import unittest

from six.moves import cPickle as pickle

import isodate

class TestPickle(unittest.TestCase):
    A test case template to parse an ISO datetime string into a
    datetime object.

    def test_pickle_datetime(self):
        Parse an ISO datetime string and compare it to the expected value.
        dti = isodate.parse_datetime('2012-10-26T09:33+00:00')
        for proto in range(0, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL + 1):
            pikl = pickle.dumps(dti, proto)
            self.assertEqual(dti, pickle.loads(pikl),
                             "pickle proto %d failed" % proto)

    def test_pickle_duration(self):
        Pickle / unpickle duration objects.
        from isodate.duration import Duration
        dur = Duration()
        failed = []
        for proto in range(0, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL + 1):
                pikl = pickle.dumps(dur, proto)
                if dur != pickle.loads(pikl):
                    raise Exception("not equal")
            except Exception as e:
                failed.append("pickle proto %d failed (%s)" % (proto, repr(e)))
        self.assertEqual(len(failed), 0, "pickle protos failed: %s" %

    def test_pickle_utc(self):
        isodate.UTC objects remain the same after pickling.
        self.assertTrue(isodate.UTC is pickle.loads(pickle.dumps(isodate.UTC)))

def test_suite():
    Construct a TestSuite instance for all test cases.
    suite = unittest.TestSuite()
    return suite

# load_tests Protocol
def load_tests(loader, tests, pattern):
    return test_suite()

if __name__ == '__main__':