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Package containing all pip commands

import importlib
from collections import OrderedDict, namedtuple

from pip._internal.utils.typing import MYPY_CHECK_RUNNING

    from typing import Any, Optional

    from pip._internal.cli.base_command import Command

CommandInfo = namedtuple('CommandInfo', 'module_path, class_name, summary')

# The ordering matters for help display.
#    Also, even though the module path starts with the same
# "pip._internal.commands" prefix in each case, we include the full path
# because it makes testing easier (specifically when modifying commands_dict
# in test setup / teardown by adding info for a FakeCommand class defined
# in a test-related module).
#    Finally, we need to pass an iterable of pairs here rather than a dict
# so that the ordering won't be lost when using Python 2.7.
commands_dict = OrderedDict([
    ('install', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.install', 'InstallCommand',
        'Install packages.',
    ('download', CommandInfo(
        '', 'DownloadCommand',
        'Download packages.',
    ('uninstall', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.uninstall', 'UninstallCommand',
        'Uninstall packages.',
    ('freeze', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.freeze', 'FreezeCommand',
        'Output installed packages in requirements format.',
    ('list', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.list', 'ListCommand',
        'List installed packages.',
    ('show', CommandInfo(
        '', 'ShowCommand',
        'Show information about installed packages.',
    ('check', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.check', 'CheckCommand',
        'Verify installed packages have compatible dependencies.',
    ('config', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.configuration', 'ConfigurationCommand',
        'Manage local and global configuration.',
    ('search', CommandInfo(
        '', 'SearchCommand',
        'Search PyPI for packages.',
    ('cache', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.cache', 'CacheCommand',
        "Inspect and manage pip's wheel cache.",
    ('wheel', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.wheel', 'WheelCommand',
        'Build wheels from your requirements.',
    ('hash', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.hash', 'HashCommand',
        'Compute hashes of package archives.',
    ('completion', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.completion', 'CompletionCommand',
        'A helper command used for command completion.',
    ('debug', CommandInfo(
        'pip._internal.commands.debug', 'DebugCommand',
        'Show information useful for debugging.',
    ('help', CommandInfo(
        '', 'HelpCommand',
        'Show help for commands.',
])  # type: OrderedDict[str, CommandInfo]

def create_command(name, **kwargs):
    # type: (str, **Any) -> Command
    Create an instance of the Command class with the given name.
    module_path, class_name, summary = commands_dict[name]
    module = importlib.import_module(module_path)
    command_class = getattr(module, class_name)
    command = command_class(name=name, summary=summary, **kwargs)

    return command

def get_similar_commands(name):
    # type: (str) -> Optional[str]
    """Command name auto-correct."""
    from difflib import get_close_matches

    name = name.lower()

    close_commands = get_close_matches(name, commands_dict.keys())

    if close_commands:
        return close_commands[0]
        return None