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<tool id="survival" name="survival" version="1.0.0">
    <description>core survival analysis</description>
        <requirement type="package" version="2.40_1">r-survival</requirement>
    <command detect_errors="aggressive">
        Rscript '$__tool_directory__/survival.R' '$input' '$type' '$error' '$conf_type' '$conf_lower' '$fit' '$png'
        <param format="csv" type="data" name="input"  value="" label="survival data" help="
   e.g. survival table
   X obsT status X1    X2
   17 1815  FALSE  2 HOXA1
   18  145   TRUE  1 HOXA1
   19 2506  FALSE  1 HOXA1
   20 1382   TRUE  1 HOXA1 ''"/>
          <conditional name="typeselection">
    <param name="typeselection" type="select" label="Type of survival curve:">
    <option value="kaplan-meier">kaplan-meier</option>
    <option value="fleming-harrington">fleming-harrington</option>
    <option  value="fh2">fh2</option>
  <when value="kaplan-meier">
    <param name = "type" value = "kaplan-meier"/>
    <when value="fleming-harrington">
   <param  name = "type" value="fleming-harrington"/>
    <when value="fh2">
   <param  name = "type" value="fh2"/>
     <conditional name="error">
      <param name="error" type="select" label="Type of error:">
        <option value="greenwood">greenwood</option>
        <option value="tsiatis">tsiatis</option>
      <when value="greenwood" />
      <when value="tsiatis"/>
          <conditional name="conf_type">
      <param name="conf_type" type="select" label="Type of conf.type:">
        <option value="log">log</option>
        <option value="log-log">log-log</option>
        <option value="plain">plain</option>
        <option value="none">none</option>
      <when value="log" />
      <when value="log-log"/>
      <when value="plain" />
      <when value="none"/>
        <conditional name="conf_lower">
      <param name="conf_lower" type="select" label="Type of conf.lower:">
        <option value="usual">usual</option>
        <option value="peto">peto</option>
        <option value="modified">modified</option>
      <when value="usual" />
      <when value="peto" />
      <when value="modified" />
        <data format="csv" name="fit" label="survfit.csv" />
        <data format="png" name="png" label="survfit.png" />
      <param name="test">
      <element name="test-data">
          <collection type="data">
                <element format="csv" name="input" label="test-data/input.csv"/>
        <output format="csv"  name="fit" label="test-data/survfit.csv"/>
        <output fformat="png" name="png" label="test-data/survfit.png"/>
**Computes an estimate of a survival curve for censored data using either the Kaplan-Meier or the Fleming-Harrington method or computes the predicted survivor function for a Cox proportional hazards model.**