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date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 18:47:28 -0400
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import tempfile

__author__ = 'pf'
from subprocess import Popen
from collections import defaultdict
import sys, shutil, os, re

BUILD = 'build'
ALIGN = 'align'
CALL_METHYLATION = 'call_methylation'

EXEC = 'exec'
EXEC_PATH = EXEC+'-path'

USAGE = """
%(script)s is a wrapper script for and that is intended to be used with the Galaxy web platform.
The script takes command line parameters and runs and, if neccessary.

The parameters that are related to must be prefixed with --%(build_tag)s.
The parameters that are related to must be prefixed with --%(align_tag)s.
Additionally, the path to BS-Seeker2 has to be specified via the --%(exec_path)s option.

For example:

    python %(script)s --%(exec_path)s /mnt/Data/UCLA/Matteo/BS-Seeker --build-f data/arabidopsis/genome/Arabidopsis.fa --align-i data/arabidopsis/BS6_N1try2L7_seq.txt.fa --align-o data/arabidopsis/BS6_N1try2L7_seq.txt.fa.test_output

This will run build the genome in Arabidopsis.fa and put the indexes in a temporary directory. will be run on the
newly created genome index. I.e. the following two commands will be run in a shell:

    python /mnt/Data/UCLA/Matteo/BS-Seeker/ --db /tmp/tmpg8Eq1o -f /mnt/Data/UCLA/Matteo/bck_BS-Seeker/data/arabidopsis/genome/Arabidopsis.fa

    python /mnt/Data/UCLA/Matteo/BS-Seeker/ --db /tmp/tmpg8Eq1o -o /mnt/Data/UCLA/Matteo/bck_BS-Seeker/data/arabidopsis/BS6_N1try2L7_seq.txt.fa.test_output -i /mnt/Data/UCLA/Matteo/bck_BS-Seeker/data/arabidopsis/BS6_N1try2L7_seq.txt.fa -g Arabidopsis.fa

The temporary directory will be deleted after the wrapper exits.

If no options related to bs_seeker2-build are passed, no genome index will be built and the corresponding pre-built genome index will be used
instead. No temporary files and directories will be created.

""" % { 'script' : os.path.split(__file__)[1], 'build_tag' :BUILD, 'align_tag' : ALIGN, 'exec_path' : EXEC_PATH }

def error(msg):
    print >> sys.stderr, 'ERROR: %s' % msg

if __name__ == '__main__':
    if len(sys.argv) == 1:
        error('No parameters\n\n'+USAGE)

    # Parse command line arguments
    args = defaultdict(dict)
    arg_key = None
    arg_val = None
    arg_type = None

    for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
        if arg.startswith('--'):
                arg_type, arg_key = re.match(r'--(\w+)(.*)', arg).groups()
                if arg_type not in ARG_TYPES:
                    raise Exception("Bad argument: %s. arg_type (%s) must be one of: %s." % (arg, arg_type, ', '.join(ARG_TYPES)))
                if not arg_key or arg_key[0] != '-':
                    raise Exception("Bad argument: %s. arg_key (%s) must start with - or --." % (arg, arg_key))
            except Exception, e:
                error(str(e) + '\n\n' + USAGE)
            args[arg_type][arg_key] = ''
            args[arg_type][arg_key] = arg

    path_to_bs_seeker = args.get('exec', {'-path' : None})['-path'] # return None when exec not found
    if path_to_bs_seeker is None:
        error('You have to specify the path to BS-Seeker2 via --%s\n\n' % EXEC_PATH + USAGE)

    tempdir = None
    def run_prog(prog, params):
        cwd, _ = os.path.split(__file__)
        cmd = 'python %(prog)s %(params)s' % {
                   'prog'   : os.path.join(cwd, prog),
                   'params' : ' '.join('%s %s' % (arg_key, arg_val) for arg_key, arg_val in params.items())
        print 'exec:', cmd

        return_code = Popen(args = cmd, shell = True).wait()
        if return_code:
            if tempdir:
            error("%s exit with error code %d" % (prog, return_code))
    tempdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()

    # bs_seeker2-build
    if BUILD in args:
        args[BUILD]['--db'] = tempdir
        args[ALIGN]['--db'] = tempdir
        run_prog(os.path.join(path_to_bs_seeker, ''), args[BUILD])

    # bs_seeker2-align
    args[ALIGN]['--temp_dir'] = tempdir
    run_prog(os.path.join(path_to_bs_seeker, ''), args[ALIGN])

    def getopt(h, k1, k2, default):
        return h.get(k1, h.get(k2, default))
    # bs_seeker2-call_methylation
    args[CALL_METHYLATION].update({  '-i'    : args[ALIGN]['--output'],
                                     '--db'  : os.path.join(args[ALIGN]['--db'],
                                    os.path.split(  getopt(args[ALIGN],'-g', '--genome', None))[1] +
                                    ('_rrbs_%s_%s' % (getopt(args[ALIGN], '-l', '--low', '40'),
                                                      getopt(args[ALIGN], '-u', '--up', '500'))
                                     if len(set(['-r', '--rrbs']) & set(args[ALIGN])) > 0 else '') +

                                    '_' + args[ALIGN]['--aligner'])
    run_prog(os.path.join(path_to_bs_seeker, ''), args[CALL_METHYLATION])

    if tempdir: