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author xuebing
date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 19:45:15 -0500
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wrapper for fastqc

called as
  <command interpreter="python"> -i $input_file -d $html_file.files_path -o $html_file -n "$out_prefix"

Current release seems overly intolerant of sam/bam header strangeness
Author notified...


import os,sys,subprocess,optparse,shutil,tempfile
from rgutils import getFileString

class FastQC():
    def __init__(self,opts=None):
        assert opts <> None
        self.opts = opts
    def run_fastqc(self):
        In batch mode fastqc behaves not very nicely - will write to a new folder in
        the same place as the infile called [infilebasename]_fastqc
    rlazarus@omics:/data/galaxy/test$ ls FC041_1_sequence_fastqc
    duplication_levels.png  fastqc_icon.png          per_base_n_content.png         per_sequence_gc_content.png       summary.txt
    error.png               fastqc_report.html       per_base_quality.png           per_sequence_quality.png          tick.png
    fastqc_data.txt         per_base_gc_content.png  per_base_sequence_content.png  sequence_length_distribution.png  warning.png

        dummy,tlog = tempfile.mkstemp(prefix='rgFastQClog')
        sout = open(tlog, 'w')
        fastq = os.path.basename(self.opts.input)
        cl = [self.opts.executable,'-o %s' % self.opts.outputdir]
        if self.opts.informat in ['sam','bam']:
            cl.append('-f %s' % self.opts.informat)
        if self.opts.contaminants <> None :
            cl.append('-c %s' % self.opts.contaminants)
        p = subprocess.Popen(' '.join(cl), shell=True, stderr=sout, stdout=sout, cwd=self.opts.outputdir)
        return_value = p.wait()
        runlog = open(tlog,'r').readlines()
        flist = os.listdir(self.opts.outputdir) # fastqc plays games with its output directory name. eesh
        odpath = None
        for f in flist:
            d = os.path.join(self.opts.outputdir,f)
            if os.path.isdir(d):
                if d.endswith('_fastqc'):
                    odpath = d 
        hpath = None
        if odpath <> None:
                hpath = os.path.join(odpath,'fastqc_report.html')
                rep = open(hpath,'r').readlines() # for our new html file but we need to insert our stuff after the <body> tag
        if hpath == None:        
            res =  ['## odpath=%s: No output found in %s. Output for the run was:<pre>\n' % (odpath,hpath),]
            res += runlog
            res += ['</pre>\n',
                   'Please read the above for clues<br/>\n',
                   'If you selected a sam/bam format file, it might not have headers or they may not start with @HD?<br/>\n',
                   'It is also possible that the log shows that fastqc is not installed?<br/>\n',
                   'If that is the case, please tell the relevant Galaxy administrator that it can be snarfed from<br/>\n',
            return res
        flist = os.listdir(self.opts.outputdir) # these have now been fixed
        excludefiles = ['tick.png','warning.png','fastqc_icon.png','error.png']
        flist = [x for x in flist if not x in excludefiles]
        for i in range(len(rep)): # need to fix links to Icons and Image subdirectories in lastest fastqc code - ugh
            rep[i] = rep[i].replace('Icons/','')
            rep[i] = rep[i].replace('Images/','')

        html = self.fix_fastqc(rep,flist,runlog)
        return html

    def fix_fastqc(self,rep=[],flist=[],runlog=[]):
        """ add some of our stuff to the html
        bs = '</body></html>\n' # hope they don't change this
            bodyindex = rep.index(bs) # hope they don't change this
            bodyindex = len(rep) - 1
        res = []
        for i,f in enumerate(flist):
             if not(os.path.isdir(f)):
                 fn = os.path.split(f)[-1]
                 res.append('<tr><td><a href="%s">%s</a></td></tr>\n' % (fn,getFileString(fn, self.opts.outputdir)))
        res.append('<a href="">FastQC documentation and full attribution is here</a><br/><hr/>\n')
        res.append('FastQC was run by Galaxy using the rgenetics rgFastQC wrapper - see for details and licensing\n')
        fixed = rep[:bodyindex] + res + rep[bodyindex:]
        return fixed # with our additions

    def fix_fastqcimages(self,odpath):
        """ Galaxy wants everything in the same files_dir
        icpath = os.path.join(odpath,'Icons')
        impath = os.path.join(odpath,'Images')
        for adir in [icpath,impath,odpath]:
            if os.path.exists(adir):
                flist = os.listdir(adir) # get all files created
                for f in flist:
                   if not os.path.isdir(os.path.join(adir,f)):
                       sauce = os.path.join(adir,f)
                       dest = os.path.join(self.opts.outputdir,f)


if __name__ == '__main__':
    op = optparse.OptionParser()
    op.add_option('-i', '--input', default=None)
    op.add_option('-o', '--htmloutput', default=None)
    op.add_option('-d', '--outputdir', default="/tmp/shortread")
    op.add_option('-f', '--informat', default='fastq')
    op.add_option('-n', '--namejob', default='rgFastQC')
    op.add_option('-c', '--contaminants', default=None)
    op.add_option('-e', '--executable', default='fastqc')
    opts, args = op.parse_args()
    assert opts.input <> None
    assert os.path.isfile(opts.executable),' error - cannot find executable %s' % opts.executable
    if not os.path.exists(opts.outputdir): 
    f = FastQC(opts)
    html = f.run_fastqc()
    f = open(opts.htmloutput, 'w')