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date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 19:45:15 -0500
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<tool id="cshl_join_tool" name="join">
  <description>two files</description>
  <command interpreter="sh"> "$jointype" "$output_format" 
  				"$empty_string_filler" "$delimiter"
				"$input1" "$column1"
				"$input2" "$column2"
	<param format="txt" name="input1" type="data" label="1st file" />
	<param name="column1" label="Column to use from 1st file" type="data_column" data_ref="input1" accept_default="true" />

	<param format="txt" name="input2" type="data" label="2nd File" />
	<param name="column2" label="Column to use from 2nd file" type="data_column" data_ref="input2" accept_default="true" />

	<param name="jointype" type="select" label="Output lines appearing in">
	      <option value=" ">BOTH 1st &amp; 2nd file.</option>
	      <option value="-v 1">1st but not in 2nd file. [-v 1]</option>
	      <option value="-v 2">2nd but not in 1st file. [-v 2]</option>
	      <option value="-a 1">both 1st &amp; 2nd file, plus unpairable lines from 1st file. [-a 1]</option>
	      <option value="-a 2">both 1st &amp; 2nd file, plus unpairable lines from 2st file. [-a 2]</option>
	      <option value="-a 1 -a 2">All Lines [-a 1 -a 2]</option>

	    <param name="delimiter" type="select" label="field-separator [-t]">
		<option value=",">comma (,)</option>
		<option value=":">colons (:) </option>
		<option value=" ">single space</option>
		<option value=".">dot (.)</option>
		<option value="-">dash (-)</option>
		<option value="|">pipe (|)</option>
		<option value="_">underscore (_)</option>
		<option selected="True" value="tab">tab</option>

	<param name="ignore_case" type="select" label="Case sensitivity">
	      <option value="">Case sensitive</option>
	      <option value="-i">Case INsensitive [-i]</option>

	<param name="empty_string_filler" type="text" size="20" label="String replacement for empty fields [-e EMPTY]" help="Leave empty unless you know what you're doing. Use this when specifing output format" /> 

	<param name="output_format" type="text" size="30" label="Output line format [-o FORMAT]" help="Leave empty unless you know what you're doing. Example: 1.1,2.1,2.1" /> 

    <data name="output" format="input" metadata_source="input1" />