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Indicator (version
Optional, if a design file is provided.
make sure your file is of type Design has 2 columns: group(col 1) and grouping(col 2) (separated by a TAB character)

Mothur Overview

Mothur is a comprehensive suite of tools for microbial ecology community. It is initiated by Dr. Patrick Schloss and his software development team in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of Michigan. For more information, see Mothur-Wiki.

Command Documentation

The indicator command reads a shared or relabund file and a tree file, and outputs a .indicator.summary file and when a tree file is given a .indicator.tre file. The summary file lists the indicator value for each OTU for each node. The new tree contains labels at each internal node. The label is the node number so you can relate the tree to the summary file.

v.1.22.0: Updated to Mothur 1.33