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Query (version 1.0.0)
Select a mode based on how do you want to specify the input
Select one or more tabular files containing (ID, TRANSCRIPT) couples for each line. The content of these files will be merged and the result will represent a query to the AllSome Sequence Bloom Tree Search Engine that will return a collection containing a file for each ID. The content of these files as result of the tool will be a list of accession numbers.
This threshold controls the specificity. Lower values will produce more hits to the query. Higher values are more stringent and will produce fewer hits.

The AllSome Sequence Bloom Tree Search Engine is a fast querying tool to identify all publicly available sequenced samples which express a transcript of interest.

The input for this tool is a list of (ID, TRANSCRIPT) couples, one for each line, in a tab delimited format:


The ID can contain alphanumeric characters in addition to spaces, dots, dashes, and round and square brackets. Any additional character will be trimmed out.

The output of the tool is a collection that contains a file for each ID with a list of accession numbers representing the samples that express one particular transcript.


This Galaxy tool has been developed by Fabio Cumbo.

Please visit this GithHub_repository for more information about the AllSome Sequence Bloom Tree Search Engine