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FIMO (version 5.4.1+galaxy0)
DREME or MEME output XML file containing found motifs
Search for motifs also on reverse complement strand
Additional output options
Additional output options 0

WARNING: This tool is only available for non-commercial use. Use for educational, research and non-profit purposes is permitted. Before using, be sure to review, agree, and comply with the license.

FIMO scans a sequence database for individual matches to each of the motifs you provide (sample output for motifs and sequences). The name FIMO stands for 'Find Individual Motif Occurrences'. The program searches a database of sequences for occurrences of known motifs, treating each motif independently. Motifs must be in MEME Motif Format. You can define the statistical threshold (p-value) for motifs and whether FIMO scans just the given sequences or their reverse complements (where applicable).

For detailed information on FIMO, click here, or view the license.