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Check user's metadata mapping file (version
Must be a valid character (alphanumeric, period, or underscore)
BarcodeSequence header is still required in mapping file
LinkerPrimerSequence header is still required in mapping file
It can be used with or without barcodes. All combinations of barcodes/primers and these fields must be unique. The fields must contain values that can be parsed from the fasta labels such as 'plate=R_2008_12_09'. In this case, 'plate' would be the column header and 'R_2008_12_09' would be the field data (minus quotes) in the mapping file. To use the run prefix from the fasta label, such as 'FLP3FBN01ELBSX', where 'FLP3FBN01' is generated from the run ID, use 'run_prefix' and set the run prefix to be used as the data under the column header 'run_prefix'
It can be useful for extremely large mapping files

What it does

This tool checks user’s metadata mapping file for required data, valid format

Specifically, it checks that:

  • The BarcodeSequence, LinkerPrimerSequences, and ReversePrimer fields have valid IUPAC DNA characters, and BarcodeSequence characters are non-degenerate (error)
  • The SampleID, BarcodeSequence, LinkerPrimerSequence, and Description headers are present. (error)
  • There are not duplicate header fields (error)
  • There are not duplicate barcodes (error)
  • Barcodes are of the same length. Suppressed when variable_len_barcode flag is passed (warning)
  • The headers do not contain invalid characters (alphanumeric and underscore only) (warning)
  • The data fields do not contain invalid characters (alphanumeric, underscore, space, and +-%./:,; characters) (warning)
  • SampleID fields are MIENS compliant (only alphanumeric and . characters). (warning)
  • There are no duplicates when the primer and variable length barcodes are appended (error)
  • There are no duplicates when barcodes and added demultiplex fields (-j option) are combined (error)
  • Data fields are not found beyond the Description column (warning)

More information about this tool is available on QIIME documentation.