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MeasureImageAreaOccupied (version 3.1.9+galaxy0)
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What it does This tool reports the sum of the areas and perimeters of the objects defined by one of the Identify modules, or the area of the foreground in a binary image. If the input image has a mask (for example, created by the MaskImage module), the measurements made by this module will take the mask into account by ignoring the pixels outside the mask. You can use this tool to measure the number of pixels above a given threshold if you precede it with thresholding performed by Threshold, and then select the binary image output by Threshold to be measured by this module.


Existing CellProfiler pipeline file (.cppipe) or generated by linking CellProfiler tools.


The input CellProfiler pipeline file (.cppipe) in addition to the settings of this module.


The first tool in a CellProfiler workflow has to be Starting modules and the last one CellProfiler. You can also execute the entire pipeline with the final CellProfiler tool, in which you feed in the images you want to process as well.