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hicInfo (version 3.7.2+galaxy0)

Get information about you Hi-C matrix

This scripts returns useful information about your Hi-C interaction matrix. However, the following information can be included if it is provided by the Hi-C interaction matrix meta data. In case the meta data is missing, the information can be less.

# Matrix information file. Created with HiCExplorer's hicInfo version 3.2-dev
File:       /tmp/
Date:       2019-08-11T19:46:15.959678
Genome assembly:    dm3
Size:       33,754
Bin_length: 5000
Number of chromosomes:      15
Non-zero elements:  35,857
The following columns are available: ['chrom' 'start' 'end']

Generated by:       HiCMatrix-11-dev
Cooler library version:     cooler-0.8.5
HiCMatrix url:
Interaction matrix created with:    HiCExplorer-3.2-dev

Build statistics:

File        /tmp/
Sequenced reads     99983
Min rest. site distance     300
Max library insert size     1000

#   count   (percentage w.r.t. total sequenced reads)
Pairs mappable, unique and high quality     52726   (52.73)
Hi-C contacts       37321   (37.33)
One mate unmapped   8777    (8.78)
One mate not unique 3603    (3.60)
Low mapping quality 34877   (34.88)

#   count   (percentage w.r.t. mappable, unique and high quality pairs)
dangling end        0       (0.00)
self ligation (removed)     0       (0.00)
One mate not close to rest site     0       (0.00)
same fragment       15393   (29.19)
self circle 0       (0.00)
duplicated pairs    12      (0.02)

#   count   (percentage w.r.t. total valid pairs used)
inter chromosomal   5955    (15.96)
Intra short range (< 20kb)  8853    (23.72)
Intra long range (>= 20kb)  22513   (60.32)
Read pair type: inward pairs        7145    (19.14)
Read pair type: outward pairs       9731    (26.07)
Read pair type: left pairs  7156    (19.17)
Read pair type: right pairs 7334    (19.65)

Please have in mind that the provided information depends on the tool and its version with which the matrix was created.

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