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mash screen (version 2.3+galaxy3)
Select between paired and single end data
Specify dataset with forward reads
Specify dataset with reverse reads
If this option is not enabled, every matching strain from the same species of the reference database is reported in the result.

What it does

Determine how well query sequences are contained within a pool of sequences. The queries must be formatted as a single Mash sketch file (.msh), created with the mash sketch command. The <pool> files can be contigs or reads, in fasta or fastq, gzipped or not, and "-" can be given for <pool> to read from standard input. The <pool> sequences are assumed to be nucleotides, and will be 6-frame translated if the <queries> are amino acids. The output fields are [identity, shared-hashes, median-multiplicity, p-value, query-ID, query-comment], where median-multiplicity is computed for shared hashes, based on the number of observations of those hashes within the pool.