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GDAL Translate (version 3.0.0)
Choose between GTiff,VRT or netCDF. To perform a translate on a subdataset use the gdal information option 'create list of potential subdatasets' to have the usable subdatasets in a file. Then select this file and the subdataset you want to use.
Select a file you want to convert in GTiff, VRT or netCDF
Select the output format. The default is GeoTIFF (GTiff). A short list of raster formats is currently enable in GalaxyE : GTiff, netCDF and VRT.


What it does

The gdal_translate utility can be used to convert raster data between different formats, potentially performing some operations like subsettings, resampling, and rescaling pixels in the process.

How to use it

Select from history a raster file/subdataset.

Specifiy output format using short name (

Advanced options and sources

To see complete details and help section please check the official gdal sources.

Raster Processing Tutorial :