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obiconvert (version 1.2.13)
database used for the in silico PCR. The database must be in the ecoPCR format (for example output of obiconvert)
Input format options
Input format options 0
For FASTA/Q the the default output type is the same as the input type
Use this option if you want to generate an ecoPCR database output file

What it does

obiconvert converts sequence files to different output formats. See the documentation for more details on the different formats.

Input files can be in :

fasta format

extended OBITools fasta format

Sanger fastq format

Solexa fastq format

ecoPCR format

ecoPCR database format

GenBank format

EMBL format

obiconvert converts those files to the :

extended OBITools fasta format

Sanger fastq format

ecoPCR database format

If no file name is specified, data is read from standard input.

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