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DISCO (version 1.2.1)
Increase this to reduce N50 and mis-assemblies
Parameters for 1st assembly iterations
Parameters for 1st assembly iteration 0
Parameters for 2nd assembly iterations
Parameters for 2nd assembly iteration 0
Parameters for 3rd assembly iterations
Parameters for 3rd assembly iteration 0

DISCO is a multi threaded and multiprocess distributed memory overlap-layout-consensus (OLC) metagenome assembler. Disco was developed as a scalable assembler to assemble large metagenomes from billions of Illumina sequencing reads of complex microbial communities. Disco was parallelized for computer clusters in a hybrid architecture that integrated shared-memory multi-threading, point-to-point message passing, and remote direct memory access. The assembly and scaffolding were performed using an iterative overlap graph approach.

The detailed user manual of the assembler and how to use it to acheive best results is provided here: This is a quick start guide generally for developers and testers. Users with limited experience with genome assembly are advised to use the user manual.