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plot coverage (version 1.0.0)

Plot the coverage of the first set of genomic coordinates with respect to the second set of genomic coordinates. For each element of the second set (we will suppose that they are annotated genes), it computes the number of elements of the first set (reads, for instance) which overlap it.

Alternatively, if the first file is in GFF format, and contains the Target file, you can omit the second file. However, a fasta file corresponding to the second file should be given (to compute the size of the reference elements).

The tool produces two plots per gene. The first plot gives the coverage: a point (x, y) means that y reads cover the x th nucleotide of the gene. The second figure displays the (possibly spliced) gene in black, and the overlapping reads (blue is colinear, red is anti-sense).

This script gives a .tar out file, if you want to take look at the results, you have to download it.