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plot transcript list (version 1.0.0)

Plot the data attached as tags in a transcript list. This can be used for displaying the comparison of different sets of sliding windows, for instance.

The tool reads the tags of a transcript file (actually, a GFF3 file). It considers more specifically the tag names that you specify as parameter. If you use only one tag name, you can display a line plot. In this case, you have to specify a bucket size s (which is by defaut 1) and a point (x, y) tells you that there are y transcripts with tag values x to x + s.

You can display could plots if you use two tag names. Each point represents the values of the two tags of a transcript. If you use three variables, the third variable will be the color of the point. You can also use a log scale and name the axes of the plot.

Each transcript must contain the tags which are specified. If not, you should provide a default value, which is used when the tag is not present.

If you use a cloud plot, you can compute the Spearman's rho to quantify a correlation between your two tag values.