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Scanpy Read10x (version 1.8.1+galaxy9)
Requires a header row and index column that matches the barcode/cell table
Requires a header row and index column that matches the gene table
AnnData or Loom. Legacy 'h5' datatypes are useful for interacting with older tools. Choosing 'No packaged matrix output' is useful for cases where auxiliary files are generated (like in marker genes). Do not use when there are no other output files, as the tool will generate no output in Galaxy then.
If Gene ID is selected the index will point to the gene identifiers (first columns expected) and the gene symbols will be left in a field called 'gene_symbols'.

Read 10x-Genomics-formatted mtx directory (scanpy.read_10x_mtx)

The mtx directory should contain:

  1. Raw expression quantification as a sparse matrix in Matrix Market format, where the each column is a gene and each row is a barcode/cell.
  2. A gene table of at least two columns where the first column gives the gene IDs.
  3. A barcode/cell table of at least one column giving the barcode/cell IDs.

The above-mentioned files can be obtained by running EBI SCXA Data Retrieval with a dataset accession or Human Cell Atlas Matrix Downloader with a project name/label/UUID.

Additionally, cell and/or gene metadata table can be provided as tab-separated text with a header row and an index column that matches the respective barcode/cell and/or gene table.

More information can be found at

Version history 1.8.1+galaxy9: Fixes version label to get versions sorted properly on Galaxy (equivalent to 1.8.1+3+galaxy0). In addition, adds ability to make fields unique in AnnData operations, adds additional handler on Scrubblet for workflows convenience, enables Scanpy tools to avoid outputing AnnData/matrix files when not required.

1.8.1+3+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 1.1.3 (running scanpy ==1.8.1), including a fix to MTX output and a bugfix for the Scrublet wrapper.

1.8.1+2+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 1.1.2 (running scanpy ==1.8.1), including improved boolean handling for mito etc.

1.8.1+1+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 1.1.1 build 1 (running scanpy ==1.8.1), including improved Scrublet integration with batch handling.

1.8.1+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 1.0.1 (running scanpy ==1.8.1), including Scrublet integration.

1.7.2+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 0.3.3 (running scanpy ==1.7.2) to incorporate fix for object output from PAGA plotting, to allow PAGA init of FDG.

1.6.0+galaxy0: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.13 (running scanpy ==1.6.0) to incorporate new options, code simplifications, and batch integration methods. Jonathan Manning, Expression Atlas team at EMBL-EBI

1.4.3+galaxy10: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.10 (running scanpy ==1.4.3) to address bugfixes in run-pca.

1.4.3+galaxy10: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.9 (running scanpy ==1.4.3) to address bugfixes in find-variable-genes.

1.4.3+galaxy10: Use profile 18.01 for modules.

1.4.3+galaxy6: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.8 (running scanpy ==1.4.3) and wider compatibility with other Galaxy modules. Bug fixes in filtering and plotting improvements.

1.4.3+galaxy0: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.5 (running scanpy ==1.4.3).

1.4.2+galaxy0: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.4 (requires scanpy >=1.4.2).

1.3.2+galaxy1: Normalise-data and filter-genes: Exposes ability to output 10x files.

1.3.2+galaxy0: Initial contribution. Ni Huang and Pablo Moreno, Expression Atlas team at EMBL-EBI and Teichmann Lab at Wellcome Sanger Institute.