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Scanpy PlotEmbed (version 1.8.1+1+galaxy0)
You can pass your predefined groups by choosing any categorical annotation of observations.
The field used in the AnnData object to store gene symbols, leave blank for the default (index), else a common value is 'gene_symbols'
By default adata.raw.X is plotted. If use_raw=False is set, then adata.X is plotted. If layer is set to a valid layer name, then the layer is plotted. layer takes precedence over use_raw.
If not specified, this looks in .obsp[‘connectivities’] for connectivities (default storage place for pp.neighbors). If specified, this looks .obsp[.uns[neighbors_key][‘connectivities_key’]] for connectivities.
Automatically determined if not specified.
For continuous annotations used as 'color parameter, plot data points with higher values on top of others.
Comma-separated list, e.g. '1,2', '2,3'. To plot all available components use 'all'.

Plot embeddings of a given method of dimensionality reduction

It yields a scatter plot in png format, wherein cells are placed in space of reduced dimensionality and coloured by attribute of choice.

Requires calculating the specified embeddings first. For example, to make UMAP/TSNE plots, run Scanpy RunUMAP/Scanpy RunTSNE first, then enter "umap"/"tsne" as the name of the embedding to plot here.

More information can be found at

Version history Upate to scanpy-scripts 1.1.1 build 1 (running scanpy ==1.8.1), including improved Scrublet integration with batch handling.

1.8.1+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 1.0.1 (running scanpy ==1.8.1), including Scrublet integration.

1.7.2+galaxy0: Upate to scanpy-scripts 0.3.3 (running scanpy ==1.7.2) to incorporate fix for object output from PAGA plotting, to allow PAGA init of FDG.

1.6.0+galaxy0: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.13 (running scanpy ==1.6.0) to incorporate new options, code simplifications, and batch integration methods. Jonathan Manning, Expression Atlas team at EMBL-EBI

1.4.3+galaxy10: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.10 (running scanpy ==1.4.3) to address bugfixes in run-pca.

1.4.3+galaxy10: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.9 (running scanpy ==1.4.3) to address bugfixes in find-variable-genes.

1.4.3+galaxy10: Use profile 18.01 for modules.

1.4.3+galaxy6: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.8 (running scanpy ==1.4.3) and wider compatibility with other Galaxy modules. Bug fixes in filtering and plotting improvements.

1.4.3+galaxy0: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.5 (running scanpy ==1.4.3).

1.4.2+galaxy0: Update to scanpy-scripts 0.2.4 (requires scanpy >=1.4.2).

1.3.2+galaxy1: Normalise-data and filter-genes: Exposes ability to output 10x files.

1.3.2+galaxy0: Initial contribution. Ni Huang and Pablo Moreno, Expression Atlas team at EMBL-EBI and Teichmann Lab at Wellcome Sanger Institute.