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MeasureGranularity (version 3.1.9+galaxy0)
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What it does

Image granularity is a texture measurement that tries to fit a series of structure elements of increasing size into the texture of the image and outputs a spectrum of measures based on how well they fit. Granularity is measured as described by Ilya Ravkin (in the paper Bit representation techniques and image processing). The size of the starting structure element as well as the range of the spectrum is given as input.


Existing CellProfiler pipeline file (.cppipe) or generated by linking CellProfiler tools.


The input CellProfiler pipeline file (.cppipe) in addition to the settings of this module.


The first tool in a CellProfiler workflow has to be Starting modules and the last one CellProfiler. You can also execute the entire pipeline with the final CellProfiler tool, in which you feed in the images you want to process as well.