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plotProfile (version 3.5.4+galaxy0)

What it does

This tool plots the average enrichments over all genomic regions supplied to computeMarix. It requires that computeMatrix was successfully run. It is a very useful complement to plotHeatmap, especially in cases where you want to compare the scores for many different groups. Like plotHeatmap, plotProfile does not change the values that were computed by computeMatrix, but you can modify the color and other display properties of the plots.



In addition to the image, plotProfile can also generate the values underlying the profile.

See the following table for the optional output options:

optional output type computeMatrix plotHeatmap plotProfile
values underlying the heatmap yes yes no
values underlying the profile no no yes
sorted and/or filtered regions yes yes yes

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This tool is developed by the Bioinformatics and Deep-Sequencing Unit at the Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics.