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GDAL Informations (version 3.0.0)
Currently supported format are GTiff,VRT and netCDF.
If set to yes, a tabular file will be created with a list of all subdatasets. Use this to later perform actions on custom subdata with gdal tranlsate.


What it does

The gdalinfo program lists various information about a GDAL supported raster dataset.

It will report all of the following (if known):

  • The format driver used to access the file.
  • Raster size (in pixels and lines).
  • The coordinate system for the file (in OGC WKT).
  • The geotransform associated with the file (rotational coefficients are currently not reported).
  • Corner coordinates in georeferenced, and if possible lat/long based on the full geotransform (but not GCPs).
  • Ground control points.
  • File wide (including subdatasets) metadata.
  • Band data types.
  • Band color interpretations.
  • Band block size.
  • Band descriptions.
  • Band min/max values (internally known and possibly computed).
  • Band checksum (if computation asked).
  • Band NODATA value.
  • Band overview resolutions available.
  • Band unit type (i.e.. "meters" or "feet" for elevation bands).
  • Band pseudo-color tables.

How to use it

Select from history a suported raster file and choose either Json or Text format for result display.

An additional option can list available subdatasets.

Advanced options and sources

To see complete details and help section please check the official gdal sources.

Raster Processing Tutorial :