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Datamash (version 1.0.6)
Example: 1,4 - To group by the first and fourth fields. Leave empty to perform operation on entire file as one group.
Mark this if the input file's first line is a header line
Mark this if you want the first line to show the field names
Mark if the input file is not sorted. If the input file is already sorted, unmark this option to reduce computing time.
If set, all input fields will be printed. If unset, only fields used for grouping will be printed.
If set, upper/lowercase differences will be ignored when grouping fields.
Operation to perform on each groups
Operation to perform on each group 0

TIP: Input data must be TAB delimited. If the desired dataset does not appear in the input list, use Text Manipulation->Convert to convert it to Tabular type.


This tools performs common operations (such as summing, counting, mean, standard-deviation) on input file, based on tabular data. The tool can also optionaly group the input based on a given field.

Example 1

This sample file is available at .

Example 2

GNU Datamash is a Free and Open Source Software, see more details on the Datamash Website.

GNU Datamash is also available as a command-line program, see .

For more details about supported statistical operations, see Datamash website.